Hello, Today we're gonna be talking about how to handle that crazy fear that many of us have around the possibility of our beloved pets passing over. 

How to Handle Fear of Losing Your Pet to the Rainbow Bridge | Animal Crossing

My name is Danielle Mackinnon. I'm an animal communicator. That means I connect psychically with animals on this side as well as with animals that have crossed over. And recently I got an email from somebody who was asking me to do a video on this. She said that her cat crossed over in October and it was really, really hard for her. And because of that pain, she's now kind of obsessively worried about her cat on this side that hasn't crossed over yet and who is not ready to cross over in any way yet, she's worried and fearful around that cat's passing.

 I'm gonna give you two ways to handle this, two ways that I have learned from working with animals in the final stages of their crossing over or talking with them after and those two ways are meant to help you start working with this fear and also to help you alleviate things so you can have a better relationship and feel better and enjoy the animal in your life much more while they're here with you. 

People often bring their animals to me because they want me to talk to their animal who's about to cross over and find out what does their animal need. As humans, we're so worried about our pets and we wanna make sure they're happy and they're okay. And if their passing is coming soon, we wanna make sure that we're doing everything that we possibly can to help them the most and be the most comfortable and be the most okay. Now, when I connect to an animal that's getting ready to cross over, what thing do they tell me all the time? They tell me I want my life to be as normal as possible until it can no longer be normal. They want us to live in the present moment with them which means our human reaction to an animal that's getting ready to cross over or to our fear that an animal's gonna cross over one day is to almost like clamp down on the animal, make sure the animal's okay, quarantine them or watch them or just like just not live in our normal way and we do it because we wanna control it, we wanna make sure that everything's okay. But what animals tell me is what they want is they want us to overcome that desire and instead live our life to the fullest with them. They don't want us looking at them and crying and saying poor baby. They want us continuing to take them for a walk even though he may die in two weeks in a health way within reason. They want us to live in the present moment with them doing the best life we can with them. They want us to be fully present in our relationship with them rather than dwelling on the future, what if, oh no, this is coming. When we go into that type of thinking, it takes us away from what we have right now and animals are all about the now and they're constantly telling me tell her to take more time for herself, tell him to take better care of himself, tell him to stop working so much, tell him to do more walks with me, let's go out in the woods. They're always bringing us back to the now so when we go into that fear, oh no, he might cross over in two weeks, oh no, she might cross over in a few years and I'm already worried about it, whatever it is, it's taking away from our ability to have an incredible relationship with our animal now. So that's the first thing. The second thing is about how animals are always in tune with us and it's kind of like a second and third thing so stay tuned for that. They're intertwined. The second thing is about how animals are always in tune with us. And in being in tune with us, they can sense how we feel, what our emotions are. They sense us at a different level than humans sense each other. And by that I mean you can meet another person and say hey, how are you?

And that person would be like hey Charlie, I'm good, but really on the inside the person is, oh my God, I'm so worried about my job or whatever it is. We as humans accept that in one another. Animals, on the other hand, do not. It is very confusing. It throws them off. They don't like it. So if you are trying to now put on a happy face for your animal because you're aware now. Your animal's like let's live in the present moment and let's enjoy each other now. If you're trying to put on a happy face, you're going to actually throw the animal off. What animals want for us to do, and this is what I teach in my animal communication classes, is they want for us to be transparent about what we're feeling. If our inside doesn't match what we're showing on the outside, if I'm worried about my animal crossing over and I'm feeling it and I'm so nervous about this and on the outside I'm like hey, how are you? It's fine, let's go for a walk, but I don't really feel that way, this is gonna cause a challenge for the animal. Animals want us to be congruent and in that congruency, they are able to feel closer to us and we are able to feel closer to them. But there's a kicker to that and the kicker is that what animals don't want us to do is dump our energy, our emotions, and our crap on them. So this is what I mean by that. Have you ever had a friend where every time you talk to them on the phone, you feel tired after? Because the friend just talks about this is bad and that's bad and I feel this. They're basically dumping their energy, their icky energy on you. When we hug our dog and we cry that this is gonna happen, I don't want you to go, we're doing the same thing. 

So animals want us to be congruent, meaning be honest about how we're feeling, but then also deal with how we're feeling and dealing with how we're feeling is kind of the third thing which is energy management. Now, energy management is not hard at all. There's tons of exercises out there. I teach them. They're all over my website and my be open and all of this. But the simplest one that you can do right away is be congruent, tell your animal hey, I'm feeling worried about you passing, I know you're only two, or hey, I'm worried, I know you have this kind of cancer and you're gonna cross over soon, I'm feeling worried about that. But then it's taking a step back and managing that so that we're sharing but not dumping. And how do you manage that? You can manage it like this. You can do belly breathing. So belly breathing, very simple, you put your hand on your belly, you inhale through your nose and you fill your belly. You don't fill up here. You don't go. We're not doing this. I'm filling my belly and my shoulders are remaining the same and then I'm emptying my belly through my mouth. So do a few of those until you feel yourself relax and then go hang with your animal. This is all they ask. This is all they ask. Be in the present moment with me. Share who you really are but don't dump at all on me.

 This will allow you to enjoy the relationship with your animal. Whether they're gonna pass in two days, two weeks or two years, this brings you into it so that fear doesn't have to run the relationship anymore.

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